Scream Sorority (also titled Let's Play The Sims 4: Scream Sorority) is an Australian web series that debuted on YouTube under the title Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together on 15 December 2015. The eleventh installment in Deligracy's series of let's plays, the series was retooled as Scream Sorority and returned under that name on 9 March 2016.

A semi-spinoff of Deli's original The Sims 4 let's play, Scream Sorority features the return of Desiree Wilkins and focuses on the members of the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority as they and their friends are killed off one-by-one in the town of Windenburg.


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Main charactersEdit

Kappa Kappa TauEdit

  • Nadia Kelso is the queen bee of the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority. She is dating local hunk Chad Riff but is harboring a secret regarding her sexuality. She becomes the primary target for the mysterious figure in a bear costume, as they attempt to sabotage Nadia's life.
  • Poppy Lee is Nadia's "best friend forever #1." She sleeps in Nadia's bathroom in the retooled version of the story and aspires to be just like Nadia and dreams of one day leading the sorority herself. Poppy is dating Nadia's brother Kory but she tries to cheat on him with his housemate and Nadia's boyfriend, Chad.
  • Desiree Wilkins, who was introduced in a previous let's play, has recently moved to Windenburg in order to pursue a degree in music. A legacy pledge (as it is stated her mother was a member of KKT during her own university years), Desiree is accepted into Kappa Kappa Tau but is not all that interested in abiding by all its rules. She begins to experiment with her sexuality when she begins dating Heidi Denney.
  • Romy Simmons is a newcomer to the Windenburg scene and, like Desiree, a legacy pledge. When she first arrives in town, she becomes attracted to the geeky Bradley Burkhart and struggles between exploring a relationship with him or joining the sorority. At the start of the retooled series, she is dating Taj Burrow under the guidance of Nadia but she continues to possess feelings for Bradley.
  • Valentina Belle is Nadia's "best friend forever #2," though this is only because she doesn't suck up to Nadia as much as Poppy does. An aspiring entertainer, Valentina is attending the university with a focus in music and has made it her mission to steal away Taj from her sorority sister Romy.
  • Peach Shipman is the resident nice girl of the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority, becoming fast friends with Desiree and Romy. Flirty and confident, Peach loves the boys and seeks to snag the sexy Professor Hawty.

The HunksEdit

  • Chad Riff is the leader of the Windenburg Hunks and Nadia's boyfriend.
  • Kory Kelso is Nadia's brother who is also attending the university in Windenburg. He is in a relationship with Poppy Lee at the start of the series.
  • Taj Burrow begins a flirtation with Romy Simmons during Get Together and is in an exclusive relationship with her at the beginning of Scream Sorority. Unbeknownst to him, he is the object of Valentina's desire and the source of the friction between the two sorority sisters.

The GeeksEdit

Supporting charactersEdit

The Edgy CrewEdit

University staffEdit


Original series: Get TogetherEdit

# Title Upload Date
01 "Part 1 — Sorority" 15 December 2015
Deligracy introduces the Delta Nu sorority girls, the Hunks, the Geeks, and the Edgy Crew!
02 "Part 2 — Home Sweet Sorority" 16 December 2015
Romy begins rush! Meanwhile, the Delta Nu sorority girls play host to the Geeks, with Bradley Burkhart taking a special interest in one girl in particular!
03 "Part 3 — Slumber Party" 18 December 2015
The Delta Nus host a slumber party at the sorority house.
04 "Part 4" 26 December 2015
05 "Part 5 — Kissing Taj" 17 January 2016
Romy is officially accepted into the Delta Nu sorority.

Retooled series: Scream SororityEdit

# Title Upload Date
01 "Part 1" 9 March 2016
The Kappa Kappa Tau girls (KKT) go all out and host a dance party down on the Bluffs, where Desiree puts the moves on her crush Heidi, much to Nadia's discontent since she is feeling jealous. It is then revealed to the viewer that Nadia is the way she is because she is secretly gay. Meanwhile, drama sets within the love square that is Valentina × Taj × Romy × Bradley, as no one has yet quite found themselves. Since the conclusion of Get Together, Romy has been dating Taj under the guidance of Nadia, but Romy still secretly likes Bradley, a member of the Geeks. Valentina, who knows the truth of Romy's feelings toward Bradley, has developed crush on Taj herself.
02 "Part 2 — Dare to Streak" 11 March 2016
Nadia, being the mean girl she is, invites her favourite victim Eckersley to a club meeting as the Windenburg city pool and tells her that if she is willing to streak around the harbour, she'll be accepted into the sorority. After Eckersley complies, Nadia accepts her into the sorority but shatters the girl's dreams when she immediately ejects her from the club, mocking her for her efforts. Hurt by Nadia's actions, Eckersley decides to take matters into her own hands and, with the help of Slash, drastically changes her appearance in order to fit in with the sorority. Under the new guise of "Elky," Eckersley Normanby sets out to rejoin the Kappa Kappa Taus.
03 "Part 3 — Hot Sauna" 15 March 2016
Poppy, in an attempt to be as much like Nadia as she possibly can, invites Nadia's boyfriend Chad to the library for a study session. However, things turn steamy when she becomes overzealous and tries to flirt with him, something he does not appreciate. Unfortunately for her, Eckersley also happened to be at the library and witnessed the whole ordeal, calling to inform Nadia. Poppy, in an attempt to relief some stress, goes up to the gym to relax in the sauna, but is locked inside by a mysterious figure in a bear costume and dies from overexposure to steam. University Dean Kiser is not having this in her school, so she hosts a meeting with both Nadia and Valentina, but their meeting accomplishes nothing of significance.
04 "Part 4 — Dean Dinner" 24 March 2016
With the university rattled by Poppy Lee's death, in order to distance the sorority from any suspicion, Nadia hosts a memorial dinner in Poppy's honour and decides to invite the university dean and Professor Hawty, who seems to have been creeping around the sorority house. None of that stops Peach though, as she attempts to flirt with the professor in an effort to boost her spirit. Meanwhile, Valentina is upset and lets the wrath down on Romy, taking her to the bathroom to confess that she'll do whatever it takes to steal Taj away from her. Elsewhere in Windenburg, Elky visits the Hunks household in an effort to seduce Poppy's mourning boyfriend, Kory Kelso, and the two end up woo-hooing. It doesn't stop there, however, as Elky quickly reveals herself to be a player and proceeds to have a threesome Kory's housemates, Taj and Chad.
05 "Part 5 — Hysteria" 4 April 2016
"Elkie" isn't done with flirting with the Hunks, and in an attempt to be Kappa Kappa Tau standard, she ends up having a threesome with both Taj and Kory, as Chad is left aside. Luckily for him, the bear killer approaches him in the roof for a little party, giving him a drink and having fun with him. However, nothing is what it seems, when the drink has a strange effect on Chad, making him go hysterical and choke on the floor, much too the housemates shock. The bear is able to escape, but who hasn't the same luck is "Elkie", whose actions come back to get her at home where, ashamed of her actions, takes a pregnancy test and realizes she is indeed pregnant.
06 "Part 6 — Grave Cupcakes" 7 April 2016
As "Elkie" struggles to hide her pregnant belly, Nadia is completely devastated about Chad's death, but a mysterious cupcake machine shows up in the Sorority House's varanda. Nadia doesn't even questions it and starts to eat her feelings, cupcake after cupcake, going really overboard. Meanwhile, in a trip to the gym with Desiree, Rommy uncovers her secret, Bradley and her are secretly dating. Desiree doesn't care too much, she's far too busy hanging out with Heidi, as they finally have their first kiss. Just they wait until this reaches Nadia's ears, despite her being far too miserable. She is found visiting a grave on the graveyard, as the bear figure watches her omnimously, cupcake at hand. Turns out the grave has Taj's name on it.
07 "Part 7 — Creepy" 8 May 2016
The mystery of Taj's tomb is solved when, in a flashback, Nadia is realizing that the cupcakes are starting to have a negative effect on her, she's gained a lot of weight and her confidence is down, so what's better than to engage on new romantic adventures? When Taj comes for a visit, Nadia gets rid of Rommy and Elky, sending both to the gym for their recent body weight gains, so she can stay alone with Taj and seduce him. However, things go down a trainwreck again, when in an attempt to fix the broken fridge, sabottaged by the bear, Taj is eletrocuted to death.
08 "Part 8 — Here Comes the Baby" 9 May 2016
While Nadia starts getting self-concious about her weight and how it will affect an upcoming formal, the continuous death spree is starting to scare Desiree, she meets with Heidi who finally convinces her to join the Edgy Crew, like she always wanted, to keep her spirits up. However, when Nadia hears of this, her jealousy and thirst for perfection make her immedietly kick Desiree out o the house, and she leaves to live with the Edgy Crew. Meanwhile, Elky is starting to regret her skanky ways due to Taj's death, and plans to make it up to Rommy by taking her to the city to chill and stay away from the sorority's house heavy atmosphere. What she was not expecting was for her waters to break in the middle of the park, revealing her pregnancy to Rommy, who helps her out and takes her to the hospital, where little Indigo is born.
09 "Part 9 — Dead Pool" 11 April 2016
In the midst of the night, the bear strikes again as they kidnap Indigo, which worries Elky to the max, but she's distracted by Valentina who's decided to round up everyone to the gym becasue the formal is arriving and everyone needs to be on their best looks. However, on the gym, Valentina sights Kory and decides that she'll definetly invite him to be her date for the formal, so the flirting begins. But Elky, who sees the scene, isn't too happy, since Kory and her have had a way better history than Valentina and decides that she'll take him to the formal instead. A fight breaks in the gym between these too, as the fight over Kory, and while the spirits are heated, Valentina needs to cool off and goes for a swim in the interior gym pool, that's protected by glass fencing. As she swims it off, the bear slyly approaches the pool and block the entrance, and Valentina ends up drowning in the pool, of how tired she is. Meanwhile, between the students, everyone's excited for the formal, Desiree and Heidi start programming the outfits, Bradly has plans to impress Rommy and Nadia has engaged in online dating.
10 "Part 10 — Killer Formal" 25 May 2016
It's time for the formal and the bear has plans, as they bake a nice blue cake in their kitchen. But the formal has started and every student is nice and glam for the party. Nadia is with her online date, Rommy patiently waits for Bradley, who couldn't be more suprising when he proposes to her right in the midst of the party, and Elky continues to hit on Kory, as the two have a heated night. However, he ends up joining his sister in a nice slice of cake, while Peach and professor Hawty do the same, after a classic formal night woo-hoo. However, it seems that this cake must be poisoned, since everyone who has eaten it falls flat on the dancefloor, meaning it's the end of the road for Nadia, Kory, Peach and professor Hawty.
11 "Part 11 — Reveal" 26 May 2016
At the funeral of the victims, the surviving sorority friends mourn their colleagues death, as they're obligated to close off the sorority due to the death of Nadia. However, at her house, Elky receives a mysterious phone call from someone who wants to meet with her at the ruins. Elky is afraid, but she goes anyways, only to find that the bear murderer is there right in front of her eyes. However, who she wasn't expecting was a beatiful little red head girl to pop out from behind the walls, Indigo. The two reunite, but Elky questions who could the bear possibly be. They decide to reveal themselves, as they take of their costume and reveal that it as Ash all along. Flashbacks of his life tell his life story, how he fell deeply in love with Ecklersly, and hated how she was bullied and how she changed herself to have Nadia's acceptance, so he decided to get rid of Nadia for good, but do it so that her life would be ruined in the process. He did so by killing the Hunks, getting rid of her perfect figure, destroy the sorority one by one and them finish her off, and now he's willing to get Elky's acceptance, as her delivers her kid to her. However, Elky's response remains unknown.


  • The Kappa Kappa Tau sorority household was named after the fictional sorority of the same name from the 2015 television series Scream Queens, who are similarly stalked by a serial killer.
    • In the original Get Together series, the sorority was named the Delta Nus after the fictional sorority of the same name from the 2001 film Legally Blonde.

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